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Three common types of lifting appliances
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  • There are many common types of lifting appliances, including rotating lifting rings, lifting eye bolts, nuts, screws, and shackles.
    The universal lifting ring can rotate 360 degrees within two axes, and when rotating, the lifting ring and sling always maintain consistency. The rated load and installation torque values of the lifting ring are engraved on the top of the lifting ring. A wrench is required to install the lifting ring, and a torque wrench is essential during installation. It is prohibited to use it beyond the rated load.
    The use of lifting eye bolts is not as good as that of rotating lifting eyes. Due to the fixed position and angle limitations during lifting, the use is limited. The rated working load of the eyebolt is gradually increased based on vertical tension. The smaller the tension angle, the smaller the rated working load, and should be avoided as much as possible; If the tension angle cannot be avoided, suitable shoulder type eyebolts should be used; The angle of materials, lifting rings, and lifting straps; The tension angle should not be less than 45 °.
    Shackles are used to connect various lifting slings, between slings and rings or eyebolts, between slings and slings, and as lifting points for combination slings. The determination of the rated load of the shackle is based on the angle between the two legs of the rigging. Symmetrically equipped with two leg slings, the shackle with an included angle of 120 ° can withstand its full rated working load; The angle between the two legs of the shackle carrying rigging shall not exceed 120 °.

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