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How to use colored lifting straps safely?
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  • Colorful lifting with flat and circular straps, available in white and color. During the use of lifting belts, it is necessary to strictly follow relevant regulations to ensure their safety.
    1. Before using the sling, attention should be paid to the rated load identification of the sling and the correct selection should be based on the lifting method coefficient. Overloading is strictly prohibited, and it is not allowed to use anchoring methods for wrapping.
    2. The elongation of the sling is less than 2% under the ultimate working force. The elongation at break is less than 12%.
    3. When lifting, hang the lifting strap directly into the center of force on the hook, and do not hang it at the tip of the hook; Do not cross or twist the straps, and do not let them tie or twist to prevent affecting the tension and damaging the straps.
    4. The opening angle of the sling eye should not exceed 20 ° to avoid cracking during the lifting process.
    5. When using, hang the hook and place the contact surface of the sling to prevent slipping and unhooking.
    6. Do not use easily damaged lifting straps.
    7. When moving the sling, do not drag it.
    8. Polyester has the function of resisting Mineral acid, but is vulnerable to organic acid.
    9. The temperature range of the sling is -40 ℃ -100 ℃. It is not suitable to lift materials with strong acidity or alkalinity to prevent damage to the sling.
    10. The contact between the hooks on both ends of the sling and the hook should be regularly inspected to ensure that the sling is hung in the center position of the double hooks. It is strictly prohibited to use it when the suture is found to be worn or broken.
    11. The flat sling cannot bear the load evenly in the width direction, and is affected by the inner diameter of the hook, resulting in insufficient connection between the hook and the webbing eye. Correct connectors should be used for connection.
    12. Heavy objects should not be pressed onto the sling, and attempts should not be made to remove the sling from under the weight. Reliable objects should be used to cushion it, leaving enough space for the sling to be removed smoothly.
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